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written by Audrey Handler
created by Jenna Robbins

“Some Cats Start Out as Dogs” is a story that empowers everyone to embrace, and then release, the “me I want to be,” that lives inside each of us.

It’s more about the way we perceive our inner selves than about how the world perceives us; smoothing the passage between how we recognize our true selves and how others learn to accept us for who we are. This tale takes us from understanding the likenesses that bond us and the difference that make us unique.

Here we open the portal of parental awareness of the sometimes, less-than-common concerns that kids fret over and secretly harbor; thus liberating the child from the burden of carrying a heavy, emotional load.

“Some Cats Start Out as Dogs” gently guides families, by way of a symbolic, yet easily relatable story, to the realization that children need to build self-confidence, because being yourself is always a better choice.



“This allegorical tale for children is all about self realisation, acceptance and transition. It’s a story about how a group of anthropomorphised dogs respond when one realises that, deep inside, he’s really a cat, and always has been. It’s billed as a children’s book — reading age 812 — but, on a fundamental level I think that many adults really need to read this and reflect on the lessons which the allegory provides. The lessons particularly apply to understanding the path to self understanding and acceptance that trans people go through, long before finding the courage to explain their anguish to the significant others in their life. How the other dogs react to this is an idealisation of how true friends and family should possibly process the gender transition of someone close to them — someone whom they hitherto never realised to be a cat trapped in a dog’s body.”

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For kids who need Understanding, Acceptance and Support.

For parents with an open mind and an open heart.

For anyone who who believes in being the "me" inside each of us.


The native New York sister team collaborated to create current, hot topic, adventure stories, by enmeshing their care, understanding and experience of working with kids and dogs, by gently leading their characters through the natural progressions of responsible and reasonable problem-solving techniques.

AUDREY HANDLER (Author) - Blessed with the innate talent of being able to write for many voices, Audrey became everyone’s designated writer at an early age and eventually tutored writing. Scholastically, she toned her craft at numerous writing workshops, prior to earning her BA degree in fiction writing. For many years, Audrey worked side-by-side with her husband in his pediatric practice, additionally juggling her schedule to accommodate volunteer positions; whereby she helped kids in the under-served communities of NYC.

JENNA ROBBINS (Creative Designer) - Jenna fashioned the concept and the character personalities featured in the Murphdog series after her very own Murphdogs. In conjunction with being a canine behaviorist and running her own dog training business, Jenna also writes a pet advice column and was asked to teach dog training at Long Island University. She has worked endlessly with rescued dogs, shelters and veterinarian practices. For more about all the “hats” Audrey and Jenna wear, visit our Internet website Murphdog Magazine, and yes, there really is a Murphdog Magazine and you will read about it in this book as well as other books to follow.