Review #4

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A very sweet tale about the inner struggle of a loving and gentle creature, Mr. P. coming to terms with who he “really is”–in his eyes and heart. The topic is not an easy one to approach; yet the writer and creator have crafted a touching story about feeling torn between what one feels and remaining true to that while simultaneously risking the very real possibility of losing loved ones who have significantly shaped his identity and purpose. The tale includes delightful characters that help Mr. P. through his self-discovery. The Senor, both ragged and resilient, is hilarious and the Murphdogs are adorable throughout. But this story is not a sugar-coated where everything is magically solved, instead it is an honest and age-appropriate vantage point of the reality that Mr. P. and his friends face as they tackle this complex and highly relevant issue. A great read for young and old alike.