Review #2

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I bought this book without knowing that it was going to “speak to me,” directly, because my child is a transgender child.

At first I didn’t realize that this book is directed at transgenders. The story explains how scared one of the characters felt when he realized that there was an identity problem. It then goes on to explain
how to tell this information to others.  I was particularly interested
in how the other characters dealt with this information—all the
positives as well as the negative comments.  This brought the book to
life, because of the human emotions demonstrated by
the Murphdogs.

The book cover was so cute that it drew me in, though at first, I doubted that there was a serious message behind it.  But the message is so intense and reached down into my heart—allowing all negative doubts to disappear.  “Some Cats Start Out as Dogs” is a new way of explaining to a child that changes are about to take place and it will turn out fine.

We’ve been on a long, hard road and many people and things helped.  But this book touched our child in a way that many others couldn’t by showing, with characters that children love and understand, how to
do what must be done—even if it’s difficult.

We strongly recommend “Some Cats Start Out as Dogs,” to anyone going through emotional issues that change their lives.